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$250 for 3 looks. Additional looks are $75 per. Single looks are available as well for $110.

As a fellow actor, I know how important a good headshot is, and the stresses that can go along with a shoot. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible so that your true essence and character(s) come out, leading to shots that give you the opportunities and auditions that you desire.



Contact: (310)801-9597



$300 for 2 hours of shooting and 15 edited pics of your choosing.


Fun, fun, fun! That's what I want to bring out of your photographs with your beloved pets. Whether solos of the animal or interaction with the owner (my personal favorites) these pictures will give you memories and cherished keepsakes.


Contact to discuss what you have in mind.





$300 for 2  hours of shooting and 15 edited pics of your choosing.


Interaction of family members leads to many of my favorite photos! Along with candids, individual, and group shots, I like to base a session around each individual family's interests and hobbies to really give you pictures that represent your unique family. 


And if you have an interest in creative shots we can tailor our session around that as well. 



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